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    All of our themes come with free support and currently we handle all support questions through Our Support Facebook Group [recommended for fast support].

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    Support includes

    • Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
    • Fixing bugs and reported issues
    • Feature Request
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    • Customization and installation services. ( You can ask paid support )
    • Support for third party software and plug-ins


    Login to your ghost blog then navigate to Designs > Uploads Themes.

    Drug your downloaded theme zip file.

    Handle theme menu items from Settings > Design in the navigation section

    Settings Navigation

    Setup blog General Information

    Go to:

    • General > Title and Description
    • General > Publication icon for Favicon
    • General > Publication logo for Logo
    • General > Publication cover for Cover Image

    General > Title & description

    Settings Navigation

    Setup pages

    New Page

    To create new page, go to Dashboard > pages > New page Give the title for new page


    To create tag, go to Dashboard > Tags


    To create Author, go to Dashboard > Staff

    Search API and Activation

    Search will not work when you install the ghost theme. You need to add API for the search option activation. Follow the instraction to make the API key.

    1. Go to to Settings > Integrations > Custom integrations > + Add custom integration
    2. Enter a name of “New Custom Integration” and create
    3. Copy Content API Key fro API Keys
    4. Go to Settings > Code injections > Blog Header
    5. Add script like this to add api key. Don’t change the variable name.
        var contentApiKey = "your api key";

    Replace your api key with your api key that you created.

    API Code creation:
    API code injection:
    Search result:

    To make the post as featured, go to the posts and make the post as featued. When you set up your post as featured, it will add automatically to featured slider. I suggest you to select such a post as featured post which has post featured image.


    In ghost version 3.x, new features has been released. It is an awesome feature. Subscriber can read paid post like medium after their paid subscription. Delas theme are providing subscription feature.

    Sign in

    Signin page where your user can signin who has aleady account (Free or paid account). When your memmber provide email address they will get a sign in link to his email and using that he/she can login to the site. You can visit here to see the signin page: Signin

    • To edit signin page, go to signin.hbs in the theme file


    Signup page where use can sugnup for the subscriptions (Free or Paid). To edit signup page, go to signup.hbs


    Ghost v3 has new feature that is paid subscription. We have added this feature. You can edit subscription/membership prcing table. Go to subscribe.hbs and you will get 3 pricing tables.

    • First pricing table is for Free
    • Second is for Monthly
    • Third is for Yearly

    Activate membership

    To activate membership, go to Dashboard > Labs > Enable members

    1. Enable members
    2. Add Stripe published key
    3. Add Stripe Secret Key
    4. Subscription pricing
      • Monthly price
      • Yearly price

    Setup custom pages with templates

    You can set custom page using page template like tag list, author lists, portfolio

    Tag List Page

    Create a page with any name and select Tags custom page template from page settings

    Author List

    Create a page name Authors or anything and select the page template Authors from the settings.

    Portfolio List

    Create a page name Portfolio or anything and select the page template Portfolio from the settings.

    To show the post as portfolio in the portfolio page, provide portfolio tag in the post.

    To add posts on popular news section, add popular tag on the post. The post will come automatically in the popular news section.

    Setup posts to show per page

    "config": {
    "posts_per_page": 7

    Change posts_per_page’s value as your wish on package.json file in the theme file. After changing this you need to restart your ghost

    ghost restart